Crewkerne Town Crest


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Accommodation, Food & Drink
Guesthouses / B&B;, Hotels & Inns; Restaurants, Cafes, Take-Aways; Pubs & Off-Licences


Animals & Agricultural
Supplies, Animal Feeds, Pet Supplies; Animals: Vets, Animal Carriers, Horse Breeders & Farriers, Kennels; Farmers: Dairy / Pigs / Cereals / Vegetables, & Farm Contractors


Banks, Building Societies, Estate Agents & Professional / Business Services
Banks etc, Estate Agents & Surveyors; Solicitors, Accountants, other professionals; Insurance Brokers & Consultants; Business centres; Printing


Home Improvement
Flooring; Garden Centres & Landscapers / Gardeners; Cleaning Equipment & Materials; Conservatories & Sectional Buildings; Interior Decorators & Design; Painters & Decorators; Builders; Plumbers, Heating Contractors & Drain Clearance; Electricians & Appliance Repairs; Woodwork & Joinery; Security Firms, Alarms & Lighting & Fire Prevention; Firewood & Coal


Technology & Computers
Computer Consultants; Internet; Design / Advertising


Engineers: General Engineers, Metal Workers, Hydraulics & Electronics; Plastics


Healthcare & Personal Services
GPs, Hospital, Dentists, Pharmacy, Chiropractors, Opticians; Home Help, & Carers; Funeral Directors


General shops; Hairdressers; Food Shops; Charity Shops; Antique Shops; Books


Automotive & Transport
Car Sales; Car Servicing / Repairs / Bodywork / Tyres etc, Taxis, Buses, & Rail Travel; Couriers


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